• description
    handle in pale, brown or black horn fitted with patinated bronze, polished nickel or pewter knuckle(s)
    1. 45cm two large knuckles
      ø- 1.5cm/ ½in d- 4.5cm/ 1¾in l- 45cm/ 18in
    2. 30cm two large knuckles
      ø- 1.5cm/ ½in d- 4.5cm/ 1¾in l- 30cm/ 12in
    3. 30cm one large knuckle
      ø- 1.5cm/ ½in d- 4.5cm/ 1¾in l- 30cm/ 12in
    4. 20cm one medium knuckle
      ø- 1.5cm/ ½in d- 4cm/ 1½in l- 20cm/ 8in
    5. 15cm one medium knuckle
      ø- 1.5cm/ ½in d- 4cm/ 1½in l- 15cm/ 6in
    6. 10cm one medium knuckle
      ø- 1.5cm/ ½in d- 4cm/ 1½in l- 10cm/ 4in
    7. 8cm one small knuckle
      ø- 1cm/ ½in d- 3.5cm/ 1⅜in l- 8cm/ 3in
    8. 5cm one small knuckle
      ø- 1cm/ ½in d- 3.5cm/ 1⅜in l- 5cm/ 2in
    size variations
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